DuPont™ Corian®

The solution for everything!

What is Corian?
Corian is an innovative material developed by DuPont. Corian is made from acrylic resin and natural minerals, to create a hard and lifetime product.

Corian is the solution for everything! This material can be shaped in everything and even in many colours, so there is an unique product for everyone. Your product will have a 10 year warranty.

Why Corian?
Corian has a lot of benefits. These benefits will tell you why you should choose Corian:

  • Corian is hygienic because the material is non porous. Liquids and bacteria will not penetrate your product, it is also very easy to clean it.

  • Corian is seamless. Your product will be shaped with a technic, the junctions are invisible.

  • Corian is hard. It is even resistant to high temperatures. When you get any scratch it is possible to remove it very quickly.

  • Corian is for a lifetime. Your product is an unique product. It is solid and durable.

  • Corian is modern. For every style there is another design, every design is innovative.

  • Corian is the solution. There are several forms, colours and designs. Corian will colour up your room!

Corian is an endless revolution, this technology is still developing itself to find a solution for everyone, to be ready for the future.

Why buy Corian® from ?

Our factory is a member of the Quality Network Program from DuPont™, that means that our products are certificate Corian® authentic, and have a 10 year warranty.

eStonecril is specialized in bathroom products, we provide you best quality Corian products for your bathroom.

One of our compromises is, to offering you the best price/quality ratio. 

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